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Wolverhampton Summer League Champions

League Champions

Year Divison 1 Division 2 Division 3
2012 Walsall Kipping Wolverhampton N: Bushbury
S: Wolverhampton
2011 Bushbury Wolverhampton Birmingham Checkmates
2009 Bushbury Bushbury N: St Marys
S: St Georges
2008 St Georges Rushall A N: Stafford C
S: Wolverhampton B
2007 Bushbury A Walsall Kipping A Brewood
2006 Stafford A Boldmere St Michael A Walsall Kipping B
2005 Stafford A Rushall A N: Walsall Kipping B
S: Brewood B
2004 Shifnal & Telford N: Rushall
S: Boldmere
N: Walsall Kipping
S: Halesowen
2003 Shifnal & Telford Walsall Kipping N: Brewood
S: Halesowen
2002 Bushbury A Lucas A N: Rushall B
S: Halesowen
2000 Telford Lucas A N: Wolverhampton
S: Lucas B
1999 Telford Rushall N: Walsall Kipping
S: Brewood
1998 Warley Quinbourne Rugeley N: Brewood
S: Halesowen
1997 Halesowen Lucas N: Walsall Kipping
S: Halesowen
1996 Warley Quinborne Walsall Kipping N: Telford
S: Solihull Youth
1995 Warley Quinborne RR Thompson N: Telford
S: Halesowen
1994 Telford Rushall N: Rushall B
S: Wolverhampton C
1993 Stafford Walsall Kipping Rushall B
1992 Bushbury Walsall Kipping B Warley Quinborne C
1991 Bushbury Walsall Kipping B Rushall B
1990 Bushbury Wolverhampton Goodyear
1989 Stafford Walsall Kipping B Rushall B
1988 Stafford Rushall Brewood
1987 Stafford Walsall Kipping B Police
1986 Bushbury Stafford B Goodyear B
1985 Bushbury Brewood Stafford C
1984 Stafford Bushbury Brewood B
1983 Stafford Goodyear B
1982 Bushbury West Bromwich
1981 Bushbury Rock Kipping
1980 Burntwood Rock Kipping B
1979 Stourbridge Stourbridge C
1978 Cannock Cannock B
1977 Stourbridge Wolverhampton

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