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Historic notes from the Lightning tournament

A one night swiss tournament for teams of 4 players:
Trophy: teams with a total grade over over 510.
Major: teams with a total grade between 410 and 510.
Minor: teams with a total grade under 410.

Introduction of the Lightning tournament.

At the time of its introduction, the WDCL minutes record
Proposed that Teams of four play in lightning Chess Competitions, the winning Team to receive small prize.  Mr Bennett offered Woden Works Canteen at Darlaston for this event.  It was proposed by My Boydon that Mr Mercer should present the trophies, this was seconded by Mr Bennett.

23rd August, 1960.

Past Winners.

Trophy section Major section Minor section
2007-08 Stafford Stafford Stafford
2006-07 Wolverhampton Boldmere St Michael Bushbury
2005-06 Shifnal & Telford
& Bushbury (joint)
Warley Quinborne Walsall Kipping
2004-05 Shifnal & Telford Stourbridge Halesowen
2003-04 Wolverhampton Rushall Bremen (Germany)
2002-03 Bushbury St Mary's Rushall
2001-02 Shifnal & Telford Rushall St Mary's
2000-01 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton St Mary's
1990-00 Lichfield Rushall A Brewood B
1998-99 Telford Rushall A St Mary's
1997-98 No competition No competition No competition
1996-97 Wolverhampton Goodyear A Brewood
1995-96 Stafford Goodyear A Wolverhampton B
1994-95 Bushbury Warley Quinborne No competition
1993-94 Telford West Bromwich B No competition
1992-93 Stafford Penkridge A No competition
1991-92 Stafford Stafford B No competition
1990-91 Bushbury GEC Stafford No competition
1989-90 Bushbury Goodyear A No competition
1988-89 Bushbury Penkridge A No competition
1987-88 Bushbury GEC Stafford B NA
1986-87 Bushbury Mercia NA
1985-86 Stafford Stafford B NA
1984-85 Wolverhampton Mercia
1983-84 Walsall Kipping NA NA
1982-83 Walsall Kipping NA NA
1981-82 Electra West Bromwich Penkhull
1980-81 Bushbury Cannock
1979-80 No competition
1978-79 No competition
1977-78 Electra
1976-77 Wolverhampton Kipping
1975-76 Electra
1974-75 Wolverhampton Kipping
1973-74 Electra
1972-73 Electra
1971-72 Electra
1970-71 Wolverhampton Kipping
1969-70 Electra
1968-69 Wolverhampton Kipping
1967-68 Wolverhampton Kipping
1966-67 Wolverhampton Kipping
1965-66 Wolverhampton Kipping
1964-65 Wolverhampton Kipping
1963-64 Wolverhampton Kipping
1962-63 Wolverhampton Kipping
1961-62 Wolverhampton Kipping
1960-61 Wolverhampton Kipping

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