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Historic notes from the Bidgood Trophy tournament

An individual knockout tournament - for first round losers (see Rock Cup)

Introduction of the Bidgood Trophy.

At the time of its introduction, the WDCL minutes record "Mr B. Smith proposed that a Secondary Cup should be played for, to stimulate interest for competitors knocked out in the early rounds."

21st August, 1962.

Followed nine months later by the following "Subsidiary Cup.  It was decided to name the trophy the Harold Bidgood Trophy,"

21st May, 1963.

Past Winners.

Winner Runner up
2011-12 G Sands (Wolverhampton)
2010-11 M Groombridge (Walsall Kipping)
2009-10 S Harris (Stafford)
2008-09 M Carr (Rushall)
2007-08 S Harris (Stafford) M Groombridge (Walsall Kipping)
2006-07 A Leadbetter (Stafford) J Llewellyn (Halesowen)
2005-06 S Heath (Rugeley) R Mitchell (Boldmere)
2004-05 G Rosser (Wolverhampton)
2003-04 R Lewis (Rushall) P Nixon (Walsall)
2002-03 C Pohrybnyj (Walsall Kipping) K Jones
2001-02 D Carter (Stafford) C Wilcox (Rushall)
2000-01 R Westwood (St Mary's) K Moore (Walsall Kipping)
1990-00 K.A.J. Francis (Mercia) W. Hulley (Rugeley)
1998-99 B. Lewis (Wolverhampton) P. Allan (Brewood)
1997-98 J. Button (Connaught) NA
1996-97 J. Button (Newhampton) NA
1995-96 S. Beasley (Bushbury) M. Robertson (Rushall)
1994-95 Martin May (Goodyear) B. Hall (Brewood)
1993-94 R. Gogerty (Stafford) A. Colabella (Goodyear)
1992-93 D. Buckley (Bushbury) W. Withnall (Walsall Kipping)
1991-92 A. Turner (Penkridge)
& R. Grainger (Penkridge)
1990-91 L.G. Hesbrook (Wolverhampton) D. Buckley (Bushbury)
1989-90 J.G.T. Sadler (Rushall) D. Lambe (Rushall)
1988-89 Martin May (Goodyear) NA
1987-88 M. Sanderson (Mercia) P.J. Jones (West Midland Police)
1986-87 L. Grinsell (Bushbury) P. Hadley (Bushbury)
1985-86 G. Thurman (Wolverhampton) M. Hoare (Lichfield)
1984-85 A. Lee (Dudley) P. Eastwood (Wolverhampton)
1983-84 R.C. Evans (Wolverhampton) A. Tipton (Brewood)
1982-83 M. Waldron (Union Locks) P. Blunt (Goodyear)
1981-82 A. Schroeder (Goodyear) Mrs J. Briscoe (J Thompson)
1980-81 A.P. McCumiskey (Mercia) M. Quinn (Union Locks)
1979-80 G. Edwards F. Lloyd
1978-79 A.B.C. Smith (Cannock) D. Moir (Cannock)
1977-78 S. Jukes (Dudley) F. Savage (J Thompson)
1976-77 J. Keene (Springvale) G. Oglesby
1975-76 C.A. Jones B.R. Smith (Mercia)
1974-75 G. Hicks F. Tatler (Stourbridge)
1973-74 B.V. Hammond (G.K.N.) T. McFarlane (Walsall Kipping)
1972-73 K.A.J. Francis (Mercia) P.G. Jackson (Stafford)
1971-72 R. Colston (Dudley) K.A.J. Francis (Mercia)
1970-71 R.G. Jones (Walsall Kipping) Mrs M. Lloyd
1969-70 W.E. Cox (Dudley) J. Wyer
1968-69 D.G. Edwards (Wolverhampton Kipping) Mr Lloyd
1967-68 G. Link (Wolverhampton Kipping) K. Phillips (Hobsons)
1966-67 L. Armstrong (Bushbury) K. Pittaway (J Thompson)
1965-66 B. Lote (Stewart & Lloyds) NA
1964-65 A.V. Kent (Dudley) J. Bargery (Wolverhampton Kipping)
1963-64 M. Bacon (Stewart & Lloyds) A. Dodd (Wolverhampton Kipping)
1962-63 P. Porter (Hobsons) NA
Winner Runner up

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