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Guy de Visme

2008 winner

This year Guy de Visme announced his retirement as captain of the county's Correspondence Chess teams, a position he had held for at least 27 years. As a tribute, Guy was presented with an Edinburgh Crystal Vase. He was also presented with Staffordshire Chess Association's Personality of the Year award in honour of his untiring support.

Well done!

2007 winner

Well done Traci Whitfield, Staffordshire’s “Personality of the Year”; for 2007.

Aready well known for her untiring contribution to junior chess, during winter/spring 2006/7 she took a leading role in putting together a successful Staffordshire Congress, held in April 2007. Until then, the Congress had not been held for over 10 years. Everyone at the AGM gave Traci a warm round of applause as the trophy was presented to her.

Well done Traci!

2006 winner

Well done Craig Whitfield, Staffordshire’s “Player of the Year” for 2006.(!para-end)

In local chess, Craig helped his team finish first in its division by winning more games than he lost in the 2005/6 season. In national chess, he was best under 11 in the 2005 Terrafinal of the UK Chess Challenge, finishing in 7th place. Craig has also been to France and the Czech Republic, to play for England.

Well done Craig!


2012 David Anderton
2011 William Armstrong
2010 Andrew Davies
2009 Robert Milner
2008 Guy de Visme
2007 Traci Whitfield
2006 Craig Whitfield
2005 Not awarded
2004 Not awarded
2003 C J Wilcox
2002 Not awarded
2001 J L B Blackburn
2000 D Anderton
1999 L Cooper

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