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Margaret Hankey League
Final tables 2003/4
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Historic notes from the Open cup

A knockout tournament for teams of 8 players
There is no grading limit.

The Open Cup.

Up until summer 2009, this was know as the 8 man cup.  With the revision of ECF grading limits in 2009, the competition was renamed to the Open Cup.

Past Winners.

Winner Runner up
2011-12 Holmes Chapel Cheddleton
2010-11 Cheddleton Stafford
2009-10 Holmes Chapel Cheddleton
2008-09 Cheddleton Fenton
2007-08 Cheddleton Newcastle
2006-07 Cheddleton Newcastle
2005-06 Cheddleton
(on board count)
Holmes Chapel
2004-05 Cheddleton Newcastle
2003-04 Cheddleton
2002-03 Stafford Cheddleton
2001-02 Cheddleton Holmes Chapel
2000-01 Cheddleton Stafford
1990-00 Newcastle v RHHC
1998-99 Cheddleton Newcastle
1997-98 Cheddleton Trentham
1996-97 NA NA
1995-96 Newcastle
(on board count)
1994-95 Stafford Newcastle
1993-94 NA NA
1992-93 Holmes Chapel NA
1991-92 Stafford Newcastle
1990-91 NA NA
1989-90 Holmes Chapel Kidsgrove
1988-89 Cheddleton
(on board count)
1987-88 Cheddleton Stafford

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