Past honours

Team size

How many players in each team?

Open, U160 and U140 teams
16 players.

U120 and U100 teams
12 players each.

Staffordshire Inter-County teams

These pages provide historic information related to chess in Staffordshire and are no longer being updated.

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When are matches played?  

Inter-County teams normally play on Saturday afternoons about once a month starting in September. Matches usually start at 1.30 pm and, depending on which team you play for, should finish by either 5.30 pm or 6.30 pm.

How is Inter-County chess organised?

Midlands stage
These matches are played between September and March. Opponents will be similar teams from nearby counties. About half of each team's matches will be played in Staffordshire, the remainder in the opponentís home county. At the end of the season successful teams progress to the national stage.

National stage
These matches are played on a knockout basis, with quarter-final, semi-final and final, played in May, June and July. The ultimate winner becoming National County Champions.

Who will Staffordshire's opponents be?

During the Midlands stage, opponents will be teams from nearby counties: For example, Derby, Leicester, Lincolnshire, Greater Manchester, Nottingham, Shropshire, Warwick or Worcester.

In the national stages, opponents will be successful teams from other parts of England.

Rate of play  

Midlands stage matches
36 moves in 1½ hours, with a 30 minute quickplay finish.
(4 hours total)

There are no adjournments. All games finish on the day of the match.

Could I play for Staffordshire?

Naturally there are restrictions, but basically you could play Inter-County chess for a Staffordshire team if you satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • You were born in Staffordshire.
  • You lived in Staffordshire for 5 years at any time.
  • For the last two months, you have been a member of a club either located in Staffordshire, or affiliated to Staffordshire.
  • For the last month, you have lived in Staffordshire.
  • You are a student or teacher in a school, college or university in Staffordshire.

If the county boundary has moved since you were born, you can choose to represent either the old county or the new one.

Which team could I play for?

If you do have a grade, you could play for a team as long as your grade is lower than the teamís grading limit.

For example, If you have a grade of 101, your grade is too high to play for the U100 team, but you could play for either the U120 or the U140 team. If both captains think you are good enough, you might even play for both.

If you do not have a grade, we can help you decide which team might suit your playing ability. Just get in touch.

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