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St Helens
Well done to the three players from St Helens, who took part in the congress.  Two players competed in the Major section, and one in the Premier.

If any chess players find themselves in the St Helens area at any time, I'm sure their chess club would give you a warm welcome.

Staffordshire Chess Congress 2007

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April 2007

Prize winners

Well done to the following prizewinners.

PREMIER Equal 1st Malcolm Armstrong
Equal 1st David Cooper
Equal 1st Harry Lamb
MAJOR Equal 1st Stephane Pedder
Equal 1st Peter Leary
Equal 1st Tim Lane
MINOR Equal 1st Harinder Dhesi
Equal 1st Chris Sargeant
Equal 3rd Roy Watson
Equal 3rd Colin White
Equal 3rd John Donovan
Equal 3rd Henry Broadley
GRADING PRIZES U160 Andrew Price
Joint U120 Andrew Farthing
Joint U120 Ben Zitha
Joint U120 Nathan Talbot
U80 Carl Mustafa
Joint U60 Owen Clarke
Joint U60 Russell Edwards
JUNIOR PRIZE Joint winner Ravi Patel
Joint winner Mark Talbot

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