Leek Rapidplay Congress 2010

Held at
St. Edward’s Junior High School, Leek

7th Leek Rapidplay Congress - Played Sunday 6 June, 2010

Along with very well known local players like Paul Clapham, Peter Shaw and Bill Armstrong, Sunday's Leek Rapidplay included players from Sheffield, Wallasey, Stockport, Shrewsbury and Burton, Ashfield and Nottingham amongst others.  62 players took part - 28 competed in the Cheddleton section (grades under 200), and 34 in the St Edward's section (grades under 145).

Overall winners
In the Cheddleton section, at the start of round five, three players were level on 3½ points (Alex Richardson and Craig Whifield (from Cheddleton) and Pablo Padilla Cabero (from Ashfield).  The fifth round draw meant that Alex faced Craig, while Pablo faced Tomasz Sygnowski (from West Bomwich).  With Alex and Craig both playing for Cheddleton, they are quite familiar with each other's styles.  As other games finished, several players gathered to watch as Alex went on to secure the victory.  In the other match, Tomasz won.

That gave Alex a half point lead going into the last round - the trophy was now his to lose.  Alex faced Vikas Sharma (from West Bromwich) in the final round.  Although he only needed a draw, Alex won his final game.  That meant he finished one point clear of the runners up.  Congratulations Alex.

Alex Richardson holding the winner's rosebowl

Last years runner up, but this year's winner
Alex Richardson.


In the St Edward's section, at the start of the final round, the leader was Phillip Zabrocki (from Shrewsbury) on 5 points.  Stephen Lloyd (from Chester) was just half a point behind.  There were another 4 players just a point behind the leader - England Junior Squad player Leo Tsoi, Neil Dimmick and Vlade Luzajic (both from Cheddleton), together with Michael Lally (from Sheffield).

In that final round, first and second place players (Phillip and Stephen) faced each other while Leo played Michael, and Neil played Vlade).  Phillip Zabrocki secured victory in his game to retain his perfect score and secure overall victory.  In the other games, wins for Michael and Vlade gave them joint second place on 5 points.

Late starters prize
Although there were no grading prizes available, there were late starter prizes.  For this competition they would be awarded to the players who finished with the most points, but had scored no more than 1 point by the end of round 2.

In the Cheddleton section, there were 13 players eligible for this prize, but the eventual winner was David Buxton, who had scored just one point by the end of round 3, but secured victories in each of the last three rounds, to finish on 4 points.

In the St Edward's section, 18 players were in the running for this prize as round 3 started.  By the end of round 6, the winners were Ashwin Kalyana (from Solihull Checkmates), and Angelica Dean (from Knights United).  They both finished on 3½ points.  The day after the tournament was Angelica's birthday.

Turning to the younger players,
In the Cheddleton section (for the stronger players), Craig Whitfield finished in joint second place, with 4½ points, and Athar Mehmood from Newport finished with 3 points.

The St Edward's section included several well known players.  England team player Leo Tsoi, together with Skye Wiggins, Jacob Boswell, Jacob Cartlidge, Angelica Dean, Liam Dimmick, Jack Healings, Daniel Holland and Ashwin Kalyana amongst others.  For some of those taking part, it was their very first competition where some of their opponents were adult players.  Nearly everyone seemed to have a very good time and learned from the experience.

Early on, someone produced a football, so between rounds the playground was a popular place to be.  But when it came time for the next round to start, they all came racing back along the school corridor ready to face their next opponent.  Well done to all of you.

Of all the players taking part, 19 were from Cheddleton, 6 from West Bromwich, 4 from Newcastle and 3 each from Newport and Brewood.  Well done to West Bromwich, their 6 players all competed in the Cheddleton section, with Rysiek Maciol, Vikas Sharma and Tomasz Sygnowski all finishing on at least 4 points.

Our thanks to the arbiters - Roger Edwards, Allan Ruffle, Robert Milner and Matthew Carr, for running a successful and trouble free competition.  There was another arbiter in the room though, David Welch - one of the country's most highly respected arbiters, but he was there as one of the competitors.

Thanks also to Robert Milner, for putting together such an enjoyable event.

Final scores

Cheddleton section (grades under 200)

Alex Richardson Newcastle 1st
Oliver A Jackson Poynton 2nd=
Ryszard Maciol West Bromwich 2nd=
Craig M Whitfield Cheddleton and Leek 2nd=
David E Buxton Cheddleton and Leek 4 Slow Starter
Vikas P Sharma West Bromwich 4
Tomasz Sygnowski West Bromwich 4
Golam S Ali West Bromwich
Steven J Burke Ashfield/Breadsall
Dean M Hartley Amber Valley
Peter J Mercs Nottingham Gambit
Pablo Padilla Cabero Ashfield
Nathan J Taylor Bolton
William G Armstrong Cheddleton and Leek 3
Athar Mehmood Newport 3
Michael J Doran Warley Quinborne
Simon R Edwards Cheddleton and Leek
Alastair D McFadden Cheddleton and Leek
Steven R Shepherd Wilmslow
Christopher Baxter Cheddleton and Leek 2
Richard A Beach Stockport 2
Philip Bull West Bromwich 2
Steven Jones Padgate 2
Simon C Smith Warley Quinborne 2
Matthew P Wyza Cheddleton and Leek 2
John Y Yee Cheddleton and Leek 2
Mark SR Radford Nottingham Central 1
Moin Uddin West Bromwich 1

St Edward's section (grades under 145)

Philip A Zabrocki Shrewsbury 6 1st
Michael E Lally Sheffield 5 2nd=
Vlade V Luzajic Cheddleton and Leek 5 2nd=
Stephen M Lloyd Chester
Stephen Crockett Birmingham 4
Neil D Dimmick Cheddleton and Leek 4
Damian McCarthy Padgate 4
Peter Shaw Newcastle 4
Leo Tsoi Boldmere St. Michaels 4
Angelica Dean Three Cs Slow Starter=
Ashwin Kalyana Solihull Checkmate Slow Starter=
Michael J Renshaw High Peak
David Welch Wallasey
David I Buckley Bushbury/Brewood 3
Paul Clapham Newcastle 3
Liam J. Dimmick Cheddleton and Leek 3
Sam Doran Warley Quinborne 3
John A. Fenby Brewood 3
David A Hallen Cheddleton and Leek 3
Richard Szwajkun Newport 3
Stephen Szwajkun Newport 3
Jacob D Cartlidge Cheddleton and Leek
Andrew P Davies Brewood
Colin G Mace Telford
Alan Sime Macclesfield
Jacob C Boswell Cheddleton and Leek 2
Alexander J Cartlidge Cheddleton and Leek 2
Steven P. Cooper Newcastle 2
Jack Healings Cheddleton and Leek 2
Daniel Holland Hassell School 2
Andrei J Mihai Cheddleton and Leek 2
George E Hamilton Cheddleton and Leek 1
Claudio R Luce Burton-on-Trent 1
Skye Wiggins Cheddleton and Leek 0

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