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10 - 12 Sept, 2010

Robert Milner

Roger Edwards
Robert Milner
David Welch
Jim McPhillips

Leek Congress 2010

The 2010 Leek congress was divided into 4 sections.

Alton Towers (Open)
25 players competed in this section.  It was a qualifier for the 2011 British Championships to be held in Sheffield.

A H Brooks & Co (Main Major)
23 players competed in this section.  This year's competitors were graded from 143 to 186.

Westwood College (Main Intermediate)
23 players competed in this section.  This year, competitors were graded between 111 and 132.

Leek United Building Society (Main Minor)
26 players competed in the section.  This year, competitors were graded under 109


Alton Towers (Open)
First equal Michael J. Surtees Bolton 2110 4
First equal Martin Brown Grappenhall/St. Helens 2112 4
Third equal Ian D Thompson Crowthorne 2268
Third equal Ryszard Maciol West Bromwich 2205
Third equal Paul AG Dargan Tynemouth 2147
Third equal Michael J. Rabbitte Heywood 1979
Third equal
and Slow Starter
Harry Russell Louth (2080)
Eighth Oliver A. Jackson Poynton 2199 3
Ninth equal Robert Shaw Cheddleton & Leek/High Peak 2256
Ninth equal Ali R Jaunooby Three Cs 2225
Ninth equal Alex Richardson Newcastle 2104
Ninth equal Patrick J. Bennett Holmes Chapel 2050
Ninth equal Liam F. Rabbitte Heywood 2030
Ninth equal Dominic M. Rabbitte Heywood 1979
Ninth equal Christopher D. Doran Chester 1960
Ninth equal Gavyn A. Cooper Newport/Durham City 1915
Seventeenth equal Simon R. Edwards Cheddleton and Leek 2035 2
Seventeenth equal Lateefah Messam-Sparks West Nottingham 1928 2
Seventeenth equal Raymond J. Ilett Peterborough 1896 2
Seventeenth equal Nathan J Taylor Bolton (1976) 2
Seventeenth equal Anthony R. Soames Macclesfield (2000) 2
Twenty second equal Malcolm J. Armstrong Stafford 1961
Twenty second equal William G. Armstrong Cheddleton and Leek 1944
Twenty second equal Steven A Jones Padgate 1798
Twenty fifth John M Turner Holmes Chapel 2112 1
Withdrawn Graham W Blackmore Scarborough (1912)

A H Brooks & Co (Main Major)
First Kevin J Dalley Derbyshire E136
Second David E. Buxton Cheddleton and Leek 179 4
Third John Y. Yee Cheddleton and Leek 159
Fourth equal Peter J. Mercs Nottingham Gambit 186 3
Fourth equal Edward J Keogh Preston 174 3
Fourth equal and
Slow Starter prize
Martyn J. Harris Newcastle 167 3
Fourth equal Chris Vassiliou Chorlton 167 3
Fourth equal Robert Clegg Huddersfield 162 3
Fourth equal Matthew P. Wyza Cheddleton and Leek 155 3
Fourth equal George V. Glover Carlisle Friars 152 3
Fourth equal Dean M. Hartley Amber Valley 143 3
Twelfth equal Stephane S. G. Pedder Stafford 160
Twelfth equal Mark S. R. Radford Nottingham Central 145
Twelfth equal John-Paul J Taylor Warwick University 139
Fifteenth equal Stephen M. Chadaway Olton 150 2
Fifteenth equal Janos J. Wagenbach Mansfield 148 2
Fifteenth equal Alexander B Taylor Newport 146 2
Fifteenth equal Douglas J. Barnett Alsager 139 2
Ninteenth equal Christopher D Lewis Newport 151
Ninteenth equal Michael I. Connor Great Lever 151
Ninteenth equal Jon E. W. Blackburn Holmes Chapel 147
Ninteenth equal Vlade V. Luzajic Cheddleton and Leek 142
Twenth third Carl Gartside High Peak/Cheddleton and Leek 154 1
Withdrawn Simon J. Crowley Cheddleton and Leek 160
Withdrawn James F. Shemilt York R.I. 158
Withdrawn Marc Jouannet Macclesfield 143

Westwood College (Main Intermediate)
First Nathan Atkins Spondon 131
Second equal Roger W. Walker Belper/Cheddleton 131 4
Second equal Ronald S. Harrison Belper 126 4
Fourth Stephen R. Cooper Newport 115
Fifth equal Ian B. Chester Holmes Chapel 132 3
Fifth equal J. Stuart Ridgway Wilmslow 128 3
Fifth equal Steven J. Rush Rhyl/Stockport 126 3
Fifth equal Paul Clapham Newcastle 116 3
Fifth equal Karol Grzybowski Cheddleton and Leek 113 3
Fifth equal and
Slow Starter prize
Peter Brace Spondon 112 3
Eleventh equal George J. Scattergood Holmes Chapel 121
Eleventh equal Sandra G. Blackburn Holmes Chapel 120
Eleventh equal Alan P. Millward Macclesfield 114
Fourteenth equal Richard P Hickling Spondon 131 2
Fourteenth equal Brian A Crofts Chesterfield 123 2
Fourteenth equal Peter Shaw Newcastle 122 2
Fourteenth equal David C. Dunne West Nottingham 122 2
Fourteenth equal John A. Simmons Rhyl 121 2
Fourteenth equal David A. Hallen Cheddleton and Leek 114 2
Fourteenth equal Ebrahim H. Arshad Cheddleton and Leek 112 2
Twenty first Patrick N. Coleman Lytham Ex-Service 111
Twenty second equal Ben Scattergood Holmes Chapel 123 1
Twenty second equal Alexander J Cartlidge Cheddleton and Leek 115 1
Withdrawn Paul Shelley Cheddleton and Leek 113
Withdrawn Alastair D. McFadden Cheddleton and Leek E111

Leek United Building Society (Main Minor)
First Brian Slater Bolton 106
Second Stephen Szwajkun Newport 87 4
Third equal Louise E. Brace Spondon 100
Third equal Richard Szwajkun Newport 97
Third equal Colin G Mace Wellington E96
Third equal Stuart E Wood Boldmere St. Michael 89
Third equal and
Slow Starter prize
Jacob C Boswell Cheddleton and Leek 84
Eighth equal Derek Brent Urmston 109 3
Eighth equal Sellick L. Davies Newport 107 3
Eighth equal Liam J. Dimmick Cheddleton and Leek 95 3
Eighth equal Ellen Scattergood Holmes Chapel 78 3
Eighth equal Jack Healings Cheddleton and Leek 77 3
Thirteenth equal Alex P. Rabbitte Heywood 96
Thirteenth equal Arthur Banks Whitchurch 85
Thirteenth equal Sumit Raisinghaney Stafford E70
Sixteenth equal Celeste K McCrann Cheshire 108 2
Sixteenth equal Andrew P Davies Brewood 104 2
Sixteenth equal Gary L Davison Spondon 93 2
Sixteenth equal Jacob D Cartlidge Cheddleton and Leek 59 2
Sixteenth equal Patrick V. Curr Stockport E73 2
Twenty first equal Paul G. Rabbitte Heywood 68
Twenty first equal Daniel Holland Hassell E56
Twenty first equal Skye Wiggins Cheddleton and Leek 56
Twenty fourth equal Derrick W. Jones Newcastle 90 1
Twenty fourth equal Thomas Robson Cheshire E70 1
Twenty sixth Matthew Edwards Cheddleton and Leek E50 ½


In the Open section, Michael Surtees from Bolton and Martin Brown from Grappenhall/St Helens shared first place.  They will both qualify for the 2011 British Championships in Sheffield.  Looking back at the results for 2004, Michael won the grading prize that year, finishing equal fifth.

Both Gavin Cooper and Dominic Rabbitte finished in equal ninth place this year.  Back in 2004, they were competing against each other in the Main Major section, where they finished 4th and 6th respectively.

Turning to the Main Major section, in an curious repeat of 2004, Martyn Harris won the late starter's prize again this year.

The 2nd section, (graded 136 to 109), was won jointly by Stephen Edwards, Handsworth Wood, Jeremy Fallowfield, Stourbridge, and Andrew Lake, Handsworth Wood.

In the 3rd section, (graded 108 to 80), Kenneth Aldersley, Nelson, Kristian Chesters, Macclesfield, Alan Millward, Macclesfield, and Nicola Thomas, Thamesdown, shared first place.

The final, (grade 79 and under), section was the only one with a single winner, Paul Clapham, Newcastle, who also had the highest score of 4½/5.

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