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BFCC County & District Correspondence Chess Championships

Team Captain: Andrew Davies.

SINCLAIR division 2014-15

Rating Staffordshire Colour Colour Rating
1 2249 Rod Ewan White 1 0 Gavin Strachan
(Essex D)
1 0 White
2 2422 David Anderton White 1 0 David Coats
1 0 White
3 1900p David Pritchard White 0 1 David J Weldon
(Northumberland A)
0 1 White
4 1900p Matthew Carr White 1 0 Tony Morley
1 0 White
5 1900p Raymond Dolan White 0 2 Ian Rook
(Essex C)
0 2 White
6 1900p Doreen Anderton White 1 0 Jim Buis
1 0 White
7 1900p Doug A Burgoyne White 0 1 Robert Różański
(Yorkshire C)
0 1 White
8 1900p Andrew Davies White ½ ½ David Jacques
0 1 White

In this tournament, each player plays two games against their opponent.  One as white, the other as black.  As the season progresses, the table above includes both results for each player.

The figure in the rating column shows the correspondence chess rating for each player.  p indicates a provisional rating.  NOTE:  ECF grades only apply to games played over the board, so these count towards a correspondence chess rating but will not affect ECF grades.

This season, the Staffordshire team are competing in the Sinclair division.  In the Sinclair division, the team comprises eight players.  Each player is expected to make so many moves each month - and there is a provision for a break if you might be going away on holiday or unable to play for a while.

The season started in start mid October.  If you are interested in playing for our correspondence team or have any questions, please get in touch.  All players play their game on the internet.  You go to the website, and make your move.  You will receive an email once your opponent has made their reply.

Draw published.

Clocks start

Any games not complete by the end of August will be sent for adjudication

Prior to the 2012/13 season this tournament was organised by the ECF

ECF Championships

Sinclair Division Champions
Sinclair Division Champions
Sinclair Division Champions
Rate of play
Each player plays two games, one with white pieces, the other with black.  Both games are played at the same time.

In each game, players have to make at least 10 moves every 35 days.

As with over the board games, your clock is only running while it is your move.  Your clock will restart once your opponent has completed their move, and will stop once you complete yours.

For anyone who is unsure, these matches are played using webserver chess.  Each player simply logs in to an internet page, which shows the current board position of their game or games .  The player then makes their move using the game board on the screen.  The website then sends an e-mail to the opponent with the move just made.

The website keeps track of the game and notes the time used.  You can even set up your holiday dates, or contact the tournament director, all via the website's game screen.

If you are interested, but concerned that we already have a team, each county can enter more than one team in the competition.

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