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The teams taking part during 2013-14 were:

Essex C;
Essex D;
Hertfordshire B;
Northumberland A;
Northumberland B;
Nottinghamshire B;
Warwickshire B;
Warwickshire C;
West Wales;
Worcestershire A;
Worcestershire B;
Yorkshire C;
Yorkshire D.

BFCC Correspondence team 2013 - 14

Team Captain: Andrew Davies.

SINCLAIR division 2013-14

23 August
Congratulations to our final two player to complete their matches: Doreen Anderton on board 5 who finished the season with two wins against C Harding from Essex, and David Pritchard on board 4 with a pair of draws against Paul Rees from Nottinghamshire.

With all games now finished, Yorkshire B finished top with 13 points.  Joint second are Staffordshire, Essex C, Essex D and West Wales with 11½ points each.

Twenty one teams were competing against each other this season, but from next season the division will be divided into two, with Staffordshire and those who finished in the top half comprising Sinclair 1, while thos finshing lower down will form Sinclair 2.

At the end of the season, the Staffordshire players results are:

Rating Colour Colour Staffordshire Rating
1 2037 Peter JE Ackley
(Warwickshire B)
White ½ ½ Rod Ewan 2251
0 1 White
2 1800p Alan Ruffle
(Worcestershire B)
White 0 1 David Anderton 2420
0 1 White
3 1835 Andrew Zigmond
(N Yorkshire D)
White 0 1 Ian Jamieson 2003
0 1 White
4 1800p Paul D Rees
(Nottinghamshire B)
White ½ ½ David Pritchard 1800p
½ ½ White
5 1800p CFJ Harding
(Essex C)
White 0 1 Doreen Anderton 1800p
0 1 White
6 1800p Joe Butterworth
White 1 0 Matthew Carr 1800p
0 1 White
7 1800p John Morton
(Northumberland A)
White 1 0 Doug Burgoyne 1800p
½ ½ White
8 1800p Jakob Tulic
White 0 1 Andrew Davies 1800p
½ ½ White
Final score 11½

30 June
Well done to Ian Jamieson.  Over the weekend his second win for this season's correspondence team gives him the satisfaction of two wins from two games.  His opponent was Andrew Zigmond who plays for Yorkshire.

With twelve of the team's games finished and four still playing we currently stand on 8½ points.  That puts us in seventh place, behind Suffolk and Northumberland A who are both on ten.  Below us is Warwickshire B on eight points and who have just one game still playing.

At the end of this season the Sinclair division will be split into two:  The top two teams will be promoted.  The next nine teams plus the two relegated from the division above will form Sinclair 1 and the remaining teams will form Sinclair division 2.

My thanks and well done to all the players on the team so far.

In this tournament, each player plays two games against their opponent.  One as white, the other as black.  As the season progresses, the table above includes both results for each player.

The figure in the rating column shows the correspondence chess rating for each player.  p indicates a provisional rating.  NOTE:  ECF grades only apply to games played over the board, so these count towards a correspondence chess rating but will not affect ECF grades.

This season, the Staffordshire team were competing in the Sinclair division.  In the Sinclair division, the team comprises eight players.  Each player is expected to make so many moves each month - and there is a provision for a break if you might be going away on holiday or unable to play for a while.

The 2013/14 season started in start mid October.  If you are interested in playing for our correspondence team or have any questions, please get in touch.  All players play their game on the internet.  You go to the website, and make your move.  You will receive an email once your opponent has made their reply.

Matches start.

Any games not complete by the end of August will be sent for adjudication

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